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About the Book

A guide for same gender, transgender and progressive couples.

There are very few members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community (as well as their allies) who have not rejoiced as state after state in the U.S. has decided to legalize same-sex unions and declare them marriages. As soon as the clock strikes twelve, couples flock to local town and city halls to claim their rights and make their commitments to each other.

For many other couples, however, there is a need, not just for their names on a form, but for a real ceremony, a rite of passage, the ability to declare before each other, witnesses, God, and the universe that they are vowing for lifelong companionship, fidelity, and mutual support.

For these couples, traditional wedding books fall short. After years of making themselves fit invisibly into a straight world, they don’t want to read page after page addressing specifically straight concerns. There is a real need for a book that addresses these couples and their needs, concerns, and ideas.  And as it turns out their needs are not unlike other progressive couples needs, to make the wedding experience unique to their story and their relationship.

We have written that book.  We have been marrying gay and lesbian couples for years and have worked with them on every part of their plans, their ceremonies, and their decisions. We’ve written myriad wedding services and vows, have adapted everything from jumping the broom to handfasting, and have the experience to share all that we’ve learned with a wider audience.

Meet the Author

Christie Hardwick (pictured to the right of her wife) has been a champion in the movement for equality and social justice for GLBT people for two decades. She started as an advocate for first-time domestic partner benefits in the school district of which she was an elected trustee and eventually chaired the national board of GLSEN, facilitating and coaching top leaders in the movement and leading the executive forum for Out and Equal Workplace Advocates.

She helped produce and was featured in the American Leadership Forum’s film “I Do, Who Can’t,” which engaged silicon valley leaders from all sectors in the dialogue uncovering the real issues of marriage equality. A speaker and consultant in leadership, diversity, and inclusion, she is a ordained minister called on to design and officiate same-gender marriage ceremonies throughout the year.

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June 2015 Writer’s Voice Café at the Provincetown Public Library featuring Christie Hardwick, author of The Progressive Wedding Book.

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“While there is nothing that legally requires a wedding ceremony when a couple chooses to marry, our cultural norm has inextricably intertwined the concepts of marriage and wedding ceremony. In this thoughtfully written book, Christie and Jeanette have carefully presented a variety of options for same-sex couples to honor traditions with which we were raised and create new norms for the unique issues presented in weddings of same-sex couples. It really is a ‘must read’ for couples planning to celebrate their marriage with a meaningful wedding ceremony.”

Scott E. Squillace, Esq. Author of Whether to Wed: A Legal and Tax Guide for Gay and Lesbian Couples

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“We spent many thoughtful hours planning our wedding, and while resources from our officiant and on the Internet were helpful, The Progressive Wedding Book is a useful, one-stop-shop guide to a better understanding of the all the practical and heart-based decisions involved in creating your unique wedding ceremony and celebration.”
Naomi Fine & Kathy Levinson

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